Even “Safe” Amusement Park Rides, Like River Raft Courses, Can Cause Serious Injury or Death

Parents and caregivers simply want to provide their children and teens a safe, enjoyable day of thrills where children can test their courage on an array of rides. Since all children have different tolerances for apparent risk, parents may be happy to limit the types of rides the child rides so as to be age appropriate. While parents may not reveal this to the children, they may secretly feel a sense of relief since they would prefer their child to only ride “safe” attractions where the entire family can participate. In other words, parents are often relieved when children decide not to ride roller coasters and other thrill rides typically viewed as “aggressive” or “dangerous.”   Continue reading

Memphis Carnival Ride Malfunctions Sending at Least 8 to the Hospital

According to police reports and eyewitness reports in local news media, yet another troubling accident occurred at a local fair near Memphis last weekend. Much to the chagrin of parents, caregivers and safety advocates the summer of 2016 has been marked by what seems like an unusually high number of ride accidents and other problems. Some of these accidents have produced life-altering injuries like traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and broken bones while other have produced a minor injuries like cuts, scrapes, and abrasions. However, all ride malfunctions are potentially harrowing experience that can have a profound mental impact regardless of the physical injuries that may or may not result. In many cases, these mental and physical injuries are inflicted on young children who may contend with these injuries for years or decades. Continue reading

Children’s Rollercoaster Collapse at Georgia County Fair Raises Additional Ride Safety Concerns

Carnivals, fairs, and amusement parks are supposed to be safe places where children can have fun on rides. Other children may enjoy the more age-appropriate thrill-oriented rides as a means of testing and proving their courage. However, rides should only simulate dangerous situations and should not be a true test of a child’s mettle. Continue reading

6 Children Rushed to Hospital after Being Electrocuted at a Connecticut Amusement Park

When parents take their children to local amusement parks, state fairs, water parks, or major theme parks they expect the amusement park operators to keep the facilities safe and free from dangerous conditions. This expectation requires park operators to ensure that a sufficient maintenance plan is in place so that aspects of the park are replaced before they are likely to break or become dangerous. For instance, handrails should be verified on a daily basis to avoid injuries stemming from a loose rail and pathways should be assessed for cracks and pooling of water. Continue reading

Following Waterslide Death, Amusement Park Accidents Occur on Tennessee Ferris Wheel and Pennsylvania Roller Coaster

Recently, we wrote about the tragic death of a young boy on the Veruckt slide at the Schlitterbahn Waterpark. The young boy was decapitated on the water-slide after eyewitnesses to the accident described “banging” and “loud noises” coming from the slide as the fated raft slid down. Some believe that the Velcro straps used to hold riders in the water-slide rafts were insufficient, to begin with, while other think that it became fatigued with use over time. This accident is truly a terrible tragedy. Continue reading