Six Flags Great America Fined Over June Accident that Critically Injured Park Mechanic & Guest

Last June we first reported on a rollercoaster accident that had occurred at Six Flags Great America located in California. At the time we wrote about how the accident had occurred on the the iFlight Deck rollercoaster. At the time, it was believed that the accident had occurred after a cell phone was dropped by one of the coaster’s riders. When a mechanic went to retrieve the phone for the guest, he was struck by a rollercoaster train that was subsequently sent down the track despite the worker being in a restricted area. Continue reading

12 Year Old Boy in Critical Condition after Log Flume Accident in Phoenix

When people think about potential sources of injury at an amusement park they typically first consider the most aggressively-styled and intimidating rides. Thus, when people think about injury risks at a theme park or amusement park, their mind will typically first consider major rollercoasters with aggressive loops, swoops, corkscrews, and drops. For other people, perhaps the immense height of a “Fire-fall” style ride comes to mind. However, the truth of the matter is that injury can occur on any ride in a theme park. Continue reading

Worker Suffers Fatal Injuries at Tulsa Fairgrounds

Most fairgrounds, amusement parks, and other facilities strive to provide a safe environment for workers, guests, and all who may enter and spend time on their grounds. One of the key factors in ensuring that the park is safe for all guests is performing routine maintenance around the park. Maintenance activities can include patching cracked sidewalks, ensuring sufficient lighting is installed, and making sure that rides are in good working order. Failure to inspect and, as required, repair worn-out or weathered equipment greatly increases the odds that a visitor or worker will suffer a serious, life-altering injury. Continue reading

5-Year-Old Girl Drowns in Waterpark Wave Pool

Grand Island is a major city in Nebraska. In fact, nearly 50,000 people live in the city and nearly 85,000 live within the greater metro area. Aside from being highly populated, Grand Island is the county seat of Hall County Nebraska and the site of  Nebraska State Fair. Grand Island is the home of numerous tourist attractions including attractions focusing in on the “prairie pioneer”, the natural beauty of the Platte River, agricultural tourism, golf courses, and ample shopping opportunities. Aside from these attractions, the city also prominently features the Island Oasis Water Park.

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Carnival and Amusement Park Accidents on Both Coasts

As we frequently state on this blog, when parents, grandparents, or other family members take children to a fairground, carnival, or theme park they expect to fine well-maintain and well-designed facilities staffed by conscientious workers. However, as we all too often find, mistakes, unexpected events and other foreseen and unforeseen problems can occur at parks of all sizes and types. When these undesired events occur, the risk of a serious accident producing life-altering injuries increases greatly.

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