Amusement Park Accident Types

The majority of accidents involving amusement rides and activities stem from the fact that there are no existing federal safety regulations for fixed-site amusement rides. Although some states enforce specific safety rules, national consistency is amiss. Another controversial matter is that rides permanently fixed to a site, such as those at major amusement parks, are not subject to the same level of maintenance, safety, and inspection as rides at carnivals, for instance, that existing rides are transported, rebuilt, and supposedly properly inspected at each new location.

Dangers of Amusement Park Rides

It seems that anyone in search of a thrill ride doesn’t have to look far. A wide range of seemingly adventurous and amusing activities can be found at major theme parks, traveling County fairs, carnivals, water parks, local miniature golf businesses, gyms, universities, ski resorts, vacation spots, retreat centers, and more.

Some of the most frequent amusement park and recreational accidents include, but are not limited to, the following :

What Causes these Tragic Events?

Many of the above accidents result in catastrophic or even fatal consequences to trusting consumers. A person’s life may never be the same after one of these accidents, if, in fact, they do survive the devastating incident.

Unfortunately, some of the most common amusement ride and recreational accidents are caused by recurring problems. The following highlights the types of problems that are known to occur on some of the types of rides and activities mentioned above:

  • brake failure
  • hard stops
  • collision with others on the ride
  • ride malfunctions; becoming stuck
  • restraint system failure
  • ride ejection
  • falls from rides
  • failure to use a safety net or failure of a safety net
  • structural failure
  • improper supervision
  • inadequate maintenance or the failure to conduct maintenance
  • poor design
  • defective ride parts/components
  • ride operator error or misconduct
  • rollovers
  • gasoline fires
  • riders getting caught in machinery
  • ride parts falling onto bystanders below
  • cables snapping

A Call for Change

The horror and shock caused by these types of amusement ride accidents and recreational activity accidents is unimaginable. However, one thing is certain; until the amusement park industry enforces stricter and more effective safety rules, consumers aren’t as safe as they think they are.

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